Where do you get your nuts?

Almonds – California, of course.
Cashews – Surprisingly, cashews don’t grow in bulk in the USA.  (If you know how to pull that off, let us know!) We import our cashews from the highest quality, GMO-free farms across the world. (Mostly harvested in Brazil, India, Africa and Vietnam).
Pecans – It’s not good unless it comes from Georgia and in Texas, bigger is better. We source pecans from both states.

Where is the company located?

We are proud to be a New York based company growing our roots in the heart of Westchester, NY.  Chappaqua is a famous town (because of us, right?).  If you are ever rolling through our neck of the woods pop in to say hello! 65 N. Bedford Dr. Chappaqua, NY 10514.

We also have a west coast "Nut house" in Bellevue, WA.  Why?  Because that is what happens when BobbySue's son, Adam falls in love with a woman from Seattle whose family and job are located in the great PNW (Pacific Northwest).

You said you are out of Westchester…
is that where you cook the nuts?

Although we spend most of our lives at the office in Chappaqua, we do not cook the nuts there. When it comes time for roasting, we make the short hike up to The Farm Bridge in Kingston, NY where a group of talented minds turned an abandoned IBM facility into a tech savvy kitchen – supporting many of the smaller gourmet and farm fresh food companies in the NY area. Their team approaches BSN with the hands on, TLC-laden cooking process we fancy.

Who is BobbySue?

Barb “BobbySue” Kobren is a wonderful female entrepreneur who has the hopes and dreams of making a difference in the world. Her interests are animal rights, yoga, healthful wholesome foods and of course nuts!

When did you start?

BobbySue's Nuts was founded by BobbySue Kobren in 2008. Gaining momentum over the years her son Adam has now joined the team making this flavorful concoction of nuts a whole family affair!

Do you use Facebook? Twitter?

What are you nuts?! Of course we do! Check us out on Twitter and Facebook! While you’re there give us a like for exclusives sneak peaks, deals recipes and more!

Do you have any flavors that aren’t mixed?

At this stage in the game we only produce flavors with nuts mixes. We love to hear your opinions and are eager to please so don’t hesitate to shoot us an email with your nutty ideas – getnuts@bobbysuesnuts.com Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Where can I get BobbySue's Nuts?

BobbySue's Nuts proudly serves in hundreds of locations nation-wide ranging from local co-ops to larger natural markets and even in some other nutty venues like the Suites in Yankee Stadium and the eBars of Nordstrom. We never want you to go without your favorite snack so for locations nearest you, click here.

Do you ship internationally?

Get us your address and we’ll get you your nuts. Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough, ain’t no river wide enough…you get the point.

What portion of every ‘nut dollar’ goes towards helping animals?

BSN gives the greater of 2% profit or $5,000/year.  Over the past few years, we have donated approximately $40,000 and counting!

Which animal rescue organizations do you work with?

Working closely with the SPCA of Westchester, BSN helps to make a difference in lives of homeless animals that come to the SPCA from all over the USA.

How much is an ounce (one serving)?

Generally speaking an ounce of BSN is a good handful (20-26 nuts) – just enough to indulge without bogging you down. If you have our 8oz jar, remove the cap, turn it over and fill it up to estimate a portion. Enjoy!

How can you call them healthy when you add sugar?

We want to help uplift the American eating habits by providing a sweet snack that is not just empty calories. Having only five-six grams of sugar, BSN is able to satisfy your sweet tooth leaving you with all the heaping benefits of chowing down on a handful of nuts. Almonds, cashews and pecans are some of the healthiest sources of protein, fats, iron and fiber. Like your nuts plain? – Try mixing in some BSN and other goodies for an easy ‘homemade’ trail mix!

Do you use all-natural ingredients? Are they Non-GMO?

BSN uses 100% ALL-NATURAL ingredients. We also use some organic components (ie. egg whites and chocolate) and we make sure our small list of ingredients all come from loving farms in the healthiest, safest and most environmentally friendly ways. BSN never uses preservatives, oils, artificial flavors or colors and of course is Non-GMO Project Verified!

Are they Kosher?

Yes!!!  BobbySue's Nuts are Kosher certified by OK Kosher.  Our non-dairy products have the OK DE (Dairy Equipment) certification while our products that contain dairy are designated OK D (Diary).

I can’t find BobbySue’s in any of my local stores… is there a way for me to pass on your information?

For sure! Please contact us at getnuts@bobbysuesnuts.com and we can send you easily printable product info that you can take to your favorite store – grocery stores do tend to listen to their customers …PS – there may be a little something extra in it for you too!

I would love to give your product as a gift but will need a few cases, do you give discounts for bulk purchases?

We are always more than happy to work with customers needs. Give us a ring and we can get nuts together – 877-554-6887 (NUTS)

I have Celiac Disease, do you produce the nuts in a gluten free environment?

Don’t worry, BSN cooks in a 100% gluten free environment. Munch away!

What type of sugar do you use?

We find bliss in simplicity. We only use the highest quality, Non-GMO, all-natural, pure cane sugar.

Your ingredients list spices but I have some food sensitivities. Which spices do you use?

BSN uses an age-old family recipe with a ‘secret’ blend of spices. If you have specific allergies, give us a call and we will hopefully not break your heart with any bad news. If it helps – they are all spices you can pronounce…or so we hope!

Do you collect used jars?

Totally. Feel free to ship them back or drop them off at your convenience. If you are making your way into the office, we can also re-fill any jars you may have!

Do you roast them?

BSN does a light dry roast with an organic egg-white meringue coating. We never add any fats to the roasting process – because why add fats to nuts? – that’s nuts!