Inspired by love

Our passion has many purposes, but just one mission – help animals in need. Basically, if it goes, “Woof,” or, “Meow,” our hearts break for it. So, since day one, a portion of every nut dollar we make is donated to build modern shelters, support legal protection laws, and better educate people. To date, we’ve raised enough to help thousands of animals all across the great US of A. Just thinking about all the purring and happily wagging tails makes it all worth it. 


SPCA of Westchester

BobbySue's Nuts and the SPCA of Westchester are a continuous loop of goodness…when you support the product, you support animal welfare!  The SPCA of Westchester takes in animals from all over the country with the promise of helping them find homes no matter how long it takes.

The primary goal of BSN is to help raise enough money to build a modern shelter facility that will ensure a safe and comfortable home for all the animals crossing its threshold, to support legal protection for animals and to educate our communities with particular emphasis on our children. BobbySue’s Nuts donates the greater of 2% of net profits or $5,000/year and to date, we have donated more than $40,000! Our goals are lofty, and our mission driven, but in the end we are rewarded when we see happy animals.